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As a parent, I know exactly how you are feeling.  I have experienced the worry and concern of a child who is struggling in school.  I understand how it feels when your child needs help with reading and concerned that there may be more going on. This is unchartered territory for all of us, and only those who have been through the maze can empathize and provide guidance. With conviction, I can tell you that there is hope and promise for your child.
Given that my elementary school daughter was falling further behind in reading, we were struggling with what to do.  Her South Charlotte school, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public School, tested her and established an IEP, or Individual Educational Plan. We knew our daughter was smart, yet she was having  trouble with reading and remembering words that she had repeatedly read. After months of school modifications, therapies, and daily focus at home, we knew that there was more going on and just had to find the answers. 

Now, more than 10 years later, I have helped so many children using Orton Gillingham with their reading and self confidence  I am referred by many local Medical Practitioners and Psychologists in Charlotte and have tutored their children such as Child and Family Development, Dr. Melanie Powell and many others.  My training and experience has enabled me to help children significantly  improve their reading skills and confidence.

  1. The comments to me are my reward!  "Thanks Pam. He has come a long way from the second grader you taught. He's an honor roll student on the Beta club and runner on cross country team. "A" in are an awesome teacher!!! Clair's on the honor roll too. With an "A" in are beyond a great English tutor/teacher. Thank you

The Orton-Gilllingham methodology is a results-driven program

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Parents have the option of a Diagnostic Evaluation including Learning Style.  Why is this important? An assessment can determine strengths and weaknesses with your child's reading and learning processes. 

My Tutor Mission-Since 2005

Homeschool and After SchoolTutor Students have come from Charlotte, South Park, Myers Park, Weddington, Waxhaw, Marvin, Ballantyne, Indian Land, Huntersville, Fort Mill, Indian Trail, and other places. Public, Private and Homeschool Students!

With over 10 years of Orton Gillingham tutoring experience with Pubic School, Private School and Home School Students, I can assure you that your child will be engaged in evidence-based strategies, i.e. Orton-Gillingham fundamentals supported by a structured, planned lesson, fluency focus and reading comprehension strategies used to strengthen and supplement reading and spelling. I have substituted at The Fletcher School in multiple grades using Orton Gillingham. Importantly, your child will enjoy coming to tutoring.  The result, your child will build confidence, which improves reading skills. It is very exciting to watch the process take place.

An added bonus, my positive, energetic, and supportive personality ensures that your child will enjoy tutoring and be motivated to succeed. 
Do any of these characteristics describe your struggling reader:
  • Reads slowly and painfully
  • Experiences decoding errors, especially with the order of letters
  • Shows wide disparity between listening comprehension and reading comprehension of some text
  • Has trouble with spelling
  • May have difficulty with handwriting
  • Exhibits difficulty recalling known words
  • Has difficulty with written language
  • May experience difficulty with math computations
  • Decoding real words is better than nonsense words
  • Substitutes one small sight word for another: a, I, he, the, there, was
 I have a quiet office for tutoring in my smoke-free home.  My Canine Reading Assistants can be present to listen, motivate and inspire success.  
Why Pam's Reading in Charlotte?
I Partner with the Parent, and I Tutor the Student.  Given commitment, experience and dedication to helping children with reading delays., I strive to provide you with the best return in terms of reading improvement and on-going services.
Given that I have been a parent who has paid for Orton tutoring myself, I understand just where you are in looking for a tutor to assist your child.  I have compiled an extensive library of materials and continue to search for assistive tools to augment my tutor sessions. In addition, there are no pre-payment requirements or long term contracts.
I attend local, regional  and national meetings in order to stay current.   The highlight recently to was attend the National Academy of Orton-Gillingham Educators meeting, which enabled me to receive the most up-to-date training from the national and international experts in OG.  Other  meetings include the International Dyslexia Meetings and Children and Adults with Attention-Hyperactivity Disorders. 
Charlotte Homeschool children are welcome during the morning hours. .
My telephone number is (704)906-6097.
References available upon request.

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