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 Testimonials from Parents of Pam's Reading Students

Meet Gigi and Buddy, our two Canine Reading Assistants. They "listen patiently" and motivate your child to practice reading skills while at Pam's Reading. Gigi and Buddy are special assets and the children enjoy peeking at them in their crates and watching them sleep.

Dr. Jane Robinson, Phd, Kent Academy Founder and Director.  I tutored her daughter. 
Hope you are well and staying cool! I think your direct email is on my old contact list. Missie is going into the grade next year....can you believe it. I still tell people you saved her as her tutor and it turned her life around! anyhow - I remember talking to you about my idea of opening a school and now...."

EOG 5th Grade Test Prep Student from Socrates Academy (student had trouble passing the EOG tests)
"Pam, Thank you so much for taking her on as a client.  I know that she really enjoyed working with you this year.  She felt very good about taking the tests.  I spoke with one of her teachers who let me know that she did very well.  I will certainly keep you in mind if we feel that we need any help next year.  I may give your name to a friend who's daughter is struggling if the this OK with you.  Thanks again for all of your hard work this year."
Matthews, NC

Update from her mother on 6/11/2016:   She (on the  EOG's) got a 4 on the reading, a 4 on the math and a 4 on the Science.  She was so happy!

Elementary Homeschool Student until mid 4th Grade.  She could barely read when she started with me. 
"Claudia had her 8th grade graduation today. She won the award in language arts for most motivated. She had a great connection with that teacher. (And, writing was her weakest subject going in). I am so proud of my girl. She LOVED her first year of public school"

Pam Jamesthis is totally your victory too. You were really Claudia's teacher in language arts for 2nd, 3rd, and part of 4th. No doubt you had a huge impact on where she is. I don't forget that and neither does C!"

5th grade boy who was reading on the first grade level when he started with me in the Fall, 2015. 
"I could not wait to email you with an update after Tanner's Awards Ceremony at school today.  Tanner was awarded the "Most Improved 5th Grade MAP Score" today.  Thank you so much for your help!  His confidence and reading has improved so much this year and we have you to thank for this.  Tanner always looks forward to coming to tutor.  He has enjoyed Sadie and Buddy so much too!  Again, thank you for all that you have done for Tanner this year!"
Ballantyne,  NC

The improvement in reading ability has been incredible.  Self confidence has soared!   So many heartwarming stories over the years.  Thank you for allowing me to tutor your children.

Sadie is our newest addition since our white boxer has passed.

Our white boxer has passed  Sadie is our new sweet addition to our family.

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